Linda and Lico picture  


The origin of Big Bend Stone is a humble story well worth the telling. In 1999, owners Lico Miller and wife Linda Walker were visited at their home in Lajitas, Texas by Linda’s mom, Darlene. Lajitas is located along the banks of the Rio Grande River and the Texas border paralleling the Mexican state of Chihuahua. During her visit, Darlene saw some hand chiseled stone planters used as decoration on the porch of the then famous Lajitas Trading Post. She was intrigued and inquired whether Lico could get her some of these unusual planters.

Lico, having been partially raised in Mexico, was very proud to see her interest in a hand crafted item from the frontier Region of Chihuahua, Mexico. Lico, having many friends and family in Mexico, quickly and proudly satisfied his mother-in-law, Darlene’s request.

However, this unleashed a monster; many families in need began to carve these unique planters and would show up at Lico and Linda’s home at all hours of the night to sell or, at least, trade their intriguing works. Darlene had unwittingly created an onslaught of hope and enthusiasm to the peoples of this rural territory; multiple families in Chihuahua began to harvest stone and carve these unique planters.

Big Bend Stone’s first break came at Linda’s suggestion. “We got an empty horse trailer headed to New Mexico (Taos) to gather horses (that spent summers in their mountains). Perhaps, we should take a load of these planters. Why not; it’s a shopping Mecca!”. We loaded up and headed north to Taos. We courted Jackalope Pottery in northern New Mexico, who purchase our first horse trailer load and many more to follow.

Darlene’s interest birthed a modest cottage industry that truly took off. This is a direct industry, the wholesaler, Big Bend Stone – and you. When you purchase any of the many stone products from Big Bend Stone, you become part of a history supporting craftsmen and artisans that really appreciate your choice, from all of us at Big Bend Stone, our suppliers in Chihuahua, Mexico, Thank You!

We entrust that you and your customers will truly enjoy these hand chiseled stone products!