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Water Features

Bring the gentle sounds of nature to your landscape


Bird Bath Water Feature

There are few things in life as calming as gently flowing water and bird song. This beautiful water feature brings both of those into your yard. We took our popular hand chipped stone bird bath, drilled it and placed it on a disappearing water basin. Add water and you have just created a gathering spot for birdlife and a delight for human eyes.

Footprint – 2 ft. x 2 ft. by 3 ft high Weight – two pieces – ranging from 35 to 60 lbs. Installation - easy – 1 pump Colors – Hill country natural and Rose (pictured)

sacred springs 1007_0783.JPG

Sacred Springs Small

The Zen of a small pool with water trickling through it and sign that someone else long ago appreciated it as well, is recreated with this gentle water feature. Red sandstone rocks with natural basins created over time are handpick then artful arranged for that quiet place in your landscape. We then add petroglyphs that are faithful replicas of rock art found throughout the southwest. Our carver worked as a trapper on the Navajo reservation for over 40 years. We call this one our “Sacred Spring”.

Footprint – 2 ft x 2 ft by 1 to 1 ½ ft Weight - 1 to 4 rocks from 20 to 80 lbs Installation - easy – with some assembly necessary and one pump Color - Rusty, reddish sandstone (pictured)

IMG_3590 (2018_01_26 22_19_30 UTC).JPG

Sacred Springs Large

Bring a piece of the southwest into your yard with this larger version of our “Sacred Spring” water feature. The same type of rocks, design, and pictographs – just bigger. How much Zen is too much?

Footprint – 3 ft x 3 ft by 1 ½ to 2 ft. Weight – 2 to 5 rocks from 20 to 150 lbs. Installation – Moderate because of weight and some assembly necessary with 1 to 2 pumps Color – Rusty, reddish sandstone



For folks wanting a water feature with a “natural” look, there is nothing more natural than a real rock. With the “Oasis”, we have recreated that magical spot where a spring emerges from holes in a boulder to become a stream. Wild and knarly looking, these character rocks create a fountain with cascading water and sound. Our oasis is small enough to be easily handled by a homeowner.

Footprint – 2 ft x 2 ft by 1 to 1 ½ ft Weight – one rock 60 to 80 lbs. Installation – easy - with two pumps Color – Dark brownish (pictured)

IMG_3521 (2018_01_26 22_19_30 UTC).JPG

Old English Trough Water Feature

For a more formal looking landscape, we offer our “Old English Trough” fountains. Always handcarved from natural stone, we plumb these so that three plumes of water dance above the rim. There is a LOT of water movement and sound with this water feature. Or…..pull the risers and the plumes disappear for a quiet well of water over the top that gently runs down the trough face.

Footprint – 4ft x 4 ft by 1 ½ ft high Weight - one rock 200 lbs. Installation – Moderate because of weight , plumbing assembly , with 1 pump Color – Hill Country Natural (pictured)

IMG_3559 (2018_01_26 22_19_30 UTC).JPG

Beto Water Feature

This big boy will make a statement in your landscape with its size and the sound of rushing water. Created from a large natural bolder, the “Beto” fountain is the upsized version of our popular Oasis water feature. Water rises up from two hand chipped holes to cascade down its rough face. This one walks on the wild side.

Footprint – 3 ft x 3 ft by 2 to 2 ½ ft Weight – one rock 250 to 350 lbs. Installation – Moderate (because of weight) with two pumps Color – Dark brownish Note – This water feature can be upsized even further to a 4 ft x 4ft footprint and larger bolder


Large Infinity Trio

The ‘Infinity” fountains have been our signature water features for years. They have a timeless, classic look that works in a wide range of landscape applications. Need something for a jaw dropping entrance way? The large trio fits the bill anyplace you are looking for a show stopper. Outdoor dining area? A smaller trio off to the side surrounded by brick is just the ticket. They are also used singly for that elegant chic water feature standing quietly alone. The stone is carved into a cylindrical shape that come in four standard sizes from ex-small on up to Large. They are plumbed to either display a showy plume of water or to quietly well over the rims – what fits your dream?

Footprint – depending on size of the infinity fountain, it runs from 2 x 2 up to 4 x 4 or larger Weights – x-small Small Medium Large Installation – Easy to professional depending on size and landscape Color – Hill Country Natural


Hill Country Waterfall

WOW ! Nothing gets more attention than a waterfall. They always mesmerize us with their movement and song. Our falls are designed to drop three to 4 times as water pours from one pool into another. We specifically carve rocks so they have large shallow basins to give this a special look – its not just water running over stacked boulders. Each one of these kits are one of a kind creations for clients looking for something absolutely natural and unique.

Footprint – 4 ft x 4 ft. by 3 to 4 feet high Weight – 6 to 8 rocks ranging from 80 to 350 lbs. Installation – Professional help suggested because of weight, assembly, and plumbing Color – Hill Country Natural Please Note – We do not keep pre made waterfalls in stock

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