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Garden Accents

Unique, hand carved and one of a kind!

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Mushroom Set

Hand carved and meticulously shaped these mushrooms are a groovy addition to any landscape. The set comes with three, but can also be purchased separately.

Old English Trough

With a more refined shape to these planters are a perfect fit for those looking for a "clean" look. They come in small, medium and large. Also can be sealed to retain water for aquatic plants.



Our limestone benches are incredible. They are a three piece set-up with the two bases to support a beautiful solid slab of limestone. They come with a satin finish or polished.

French Countryside Planters

These planters are quite unique. There are three different sizes all with a similar oval shape more of a shallow basin than other planters we offer. They show the real diversity of the "tuff" and how it can be carved. Sold as a set or separately.

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State of Texas

Theses are real works of art. Extremely popular with fellow Texas lovers. Great addition to any landscape! They come in small, medium or large.

Bird Bath/ Feeder

Whether you would like a bath or a feeder for you landscape these are groovy two piece stones. They come with a sealant to make it retain water if bath is desired.

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