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Our Stone Planters

Hand Hewn Tinajas

Our planters are created from Tuff (pronounced tooff), a volcanic ash stone hardened millions of years ago. Our suppliers break pieces off of outcroppings in northern Chihuahua, Mexico. They bring these pieces to their shops and meticulously shape by hand each planter and garden accent piece.

Tuff has varying degrees of porosity, thus, these don’t hold water.  Denser Tuff will hold water longer but will still drain at some point. Even with this drainage, we drill holes in the bottom of the planters so your customers won’t be asking whether they drain.

These planters lend themselves well for water features. The variation of sizes and shapes allow these to be stacked to create free-standing fountains and waterfalls.

Every piece will be different making them truly unique! We can custom order pieces to be similar in size, shape and color but the pieces will still be different and aesthetically similar.

Our customers have been very successful over the years with these products and we back every purchase with our


If after two seasons you are not satisfied with the sales performance of these fine planters, we will buy them back!

NO gimmicks, NO fine print, just a Solid Commitment to

Customer Satisfaction.

Tinaja Sizing

Each Tinaja is unique. They're sized from Herb being the smallest to Extra Large. Once a stone is found to be larger than Extra Large category it is then weighed and sold by the pound. For perspective we use Lico's hat to reference size.


1/2 gallon


1 gallon


2 gallons


3 gallons

Medium Large

4-6 gallons


7-8 gallons

Extra Large

10 gallons

Oversized Planters

These planters start at 200 lbs and only get larger. Can be sold separately priced by weight or sold as a landscape starter kit for more info please call!

Hill Country Starter Kit

A fine tuned mix of planters and a very popular choice among our customers!


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